Smooth Gliding and Silent Operation

Smooth Gliding and Silent Operation (Durability and Ease of Use))

The patio door rollers are the heart of every door. Roller wear or seized roller bearings over time make doors hard to slide and often causes wear to the tracks (Blackened Tracks)

Blackened Tracks due to metal or seized rollers. (Competitive product shown)

Standard's exclusive non-abrasive rollers won't wear or blacken your tracks

With Standard Doors, the roller system has been tested for 30,000 operations (opening & closing) without any measurable wear. The 30,000 operations represents about 25 years of normal use with no wear to the roller, the roller bushing, the axels or the track.

Our exclusive roller wheels are made of non-abrasive, self-lubricating materials that roll on an anodized aluminum rail (i.e., not metal on metal). This eliminates abrasion, reducing wear on the rails. Our self lubricated axel system has no ball bearings to fill with dirt, causing conventional wheels to seize and grind the track. Thus, there is no blackened track phenomenon and our rails keep their original silver color. Moreover, our panels will glide as easily after ten years as they did day one.

Standard Doors recommends to our clients to periodically clean the rolling surface in order to maintain a smooth gliding operation.

What to consider when choosing a sliding patio door
Comfortable Temperature All
Year Round

Ensuring Draft-Free Comfort

Gain UV Protection
with Low-E glass

Prevent Mold and Decay