Gain UV Protection

Gain UV Protection with Low-E glass

Furniture, carpets, draperies, artwork and other possessions - all can be severely damaged by ultra violet (UV) sun light which will cause them to fade. UV accounts for an estimated 60% of fading damage to fabrics and furnishings.

UV protection solutions such as lined draperies and curtains, shutters, tinted or reflective glass, or dark "stick-on" door films can reduce fading. However, these solutions prevent light from passing freely tinto your home negating the value of having glass doors in the first place!

High-performance "Low-E" glazing provides more protection from UV radiation, reducing more than 70% of the damaging UV rays when compared to clear glass.

The Low-E Glass offers UV protection, reducing one of the major factors of fading your furniture, drapes and carpets.

Our Low-E Glass has a spectrally selective coating that allows the majority of visible light into your home while filtering out unwanted UV rays.

What to consider when choosing a sliding patio door
Comfortable Temperature All
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Ensuring Draft-Free Comfort

Smooth Gliding and
Silent Operation
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Prevent Mold and Decay