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Who we are

Standard Doors is a leading manufacturer of sliding patio doors in Canada. Standard Doors, founded in 1974, has expanded dramatically to support the increasing demand of the North American market.

Standard Doors specializes in insulated double glazed PVC and triple or quadruple glazed aluminum sliding patio doors. Standard's doors have been designed with the consumer in mind, providing superior energy efficiency, comfort and security. Standard Doors has an active research and development division that ensures quick response to clients' needs and is continuously creating new innovative products and features to provide a broad range of solutions for the sliding patio door market.

Standard Doors offers a full line of top performing products through a variety of distribution channels in Canada and the United States. The leading brands, "2 Plus 2" and "Renaissance", have an unmatched reputation as a result of their high quality, durability and performance over the years.

Our manufacturing facilities are fully automated. As a result, Standard Doors offers consistantly high quality and workmanship, with a range of competative price points on a variety of sliding patio doors to fit almost any opening. Since it´s beginning, the company has established longtime relationships with window and door specialists, building material centres, window and door manufacturers and factory-built housing manufacturers as the main distribution channels.

With a complete line of patio and entry doors for every price-point, Standard's commitment remains to innovate and strive for market leadership . Standard´s passion for performance has enabled it to excel in todays fast-paced changing world.

Commitment to customer service, quality, product value and innovation are what we are about at Standard. We are a very flexible company that thrives on constant change and new challenges.

Our facilities

More than 135,000 square feet at the cutting edge of technology.

After-sales service, customers satisfaction, quality of our products and innovation are Standard Doors’ core values. We are a very flexible company that is constantly evolving and ready to meet all present and future challenges.

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