Window & Door Manufacturers

Keeping a separate assembly line for patio doors in your manufacturing facility may not always be the most profitable solution. More and more Window & Door Manufacturers are contacting us to manufacture their patio door line.

  • We work closely with you to ensure that our patio doors will compliment your windows and match your PVC color. We are here to fill your needs and satisfy your budgetary challenges.

  • We are flexible in accommodating your unique requirements. We can create your own private branding and still offer you competitively-priced patio doors.

  • With over 30 years in the business of patio doors, our economy of scale and our flexible computerized manufacturing facility give us the latitude to produce attractively-priced patio doors without compromising quality.

  • We understand that if you compromise on quality, you will most likely pay during installation or product service. Our continuously improving state of the art production facility consistently yields top quality components and products.

  • On-Time Delivery is important for us. We are aware that your reputation depends on your delivery commitment. In today's lean manufacturing environment with lower inventories and Just In Time (JIT) deliveries, your success depends on receiving your products when you need them. Count on Standard to make it happen.

  • Your doors can be prepared in the specific order which they will be used, palletized to your delivery sequence, clearly labelled with your job and your PO# to enable you quick and easy handling of each order (Barcoding is available upon your request).

All of the above demonstrate to you that it is easy to do business with Standard Doors. We will go all the way to ensure cost-effective products, while reducing your inventory, space and the effort required to manage your own patio door line.

Let us concentrate on building your new line of patio doors while you focus on manufacturing your windows. Standard Doors is committed to keeping you competitively-priced. Please contact us to create a true partnership.