Energy-Efficient Doors

Continuously rising energy costs with no end in sight has driven the research and development team at Standard Doors to develop new energy-efficient products and features. Our sliding patio doors are designed to provide comfortable inside temperatures and humidity levels in the dead of winter and maintain cooler room temperatures in the heat of summer while reducing your energy consumption.

The combination of less conductive materials, double-glazed insulated sealed units using warm-edge spacer technology, low emissivity coated glass (Low-E Glass) combined with Argon gas, and 100% High-Fin weatherstripping are some of the reasons why Standards' sliding patio doors can lower your energy cost.

Click on the links below for more information on how these elements can turn your home into a more energy-efficient environment.

Some reasons that our doors are rated as energy-efficient doors
Reduced Conductivity
with Warm-Edge Spacer

Energy-Saving Low-E Glass

Slower Convection and
Conduction with
Argon Gas

Avoid Condensation and Decay

Preventing Air Infiltration