Preventing Air Infiltration

Preventing Air Infiltration

Air infiltration occurs when patio doors are not well weather-sealed. Air infiltration is the process that carries heat through cracks and gaps around the door frame, letting cold air in and warm air out.

Standard Doors are designed to provide an air-tight envelope. A variety of closed-cell foam gaskets are used to consistently seal all assembly joints and 100% high-fin weatherstripping is used to ensure an air-tight seal between all sliding and non-sliding components. This combination of weather-seals prevents unwanted drafts and air-leaks.

Standard´s patio doors have all been balanced to provide a smooth and silent gliding operation, while maintaining an air-tight envelope that maximizes energy efficiency.

Some reasons that our doors are rated as energy-efficient doors
Reduced Conductivity
with Warm-Edge Spacer

Energy-Saving Low-E Glass

Slower Convection and
Conduction with
Argon Gas

Avoid Condensation and Decay