Patio Door Security

About 22% of burglars enter through the back door. That is why Standard Doors has developed an exclusive locking mechanism to resist forced entry through our sliding patio doors.

Standard Doors designed exclusive hardware that exceeds the highest security level rating in Canada. In addition to the full compliance with Canadian CGSB-82-1M89, our patented locking system has survived the toughest forced entry test, scoring Level 40 under ASTM F842-83 certification.

With Standard patio doors, break-in and entry is resisted by distributing the forces through the following multiple elements:

Stainless-steel double hooks
Stainless steel load bolts
Anti-lift devices eliminate exterior removal of panels when door is locked
Exclusive level 40 lock with "D" handles
Stainless steel striker and striker back-plate

Hinged Door security

The DEFENDOOR security system is rated Level 40 - the highest obtainable level in North America for resistance to forced entry. Single door tested with a Weiser grade 1 deadbolt.

Upgrade to the highest level of security tested in North America with the exclusive DEFENDOOR 5 point security system.

Deadbolt security plate is anchored to both the door frame and the house structure for maximum protection
Security plate is bolted to the strike plate
Security plates are bolted to each hinge and anchored to the house structure.