Belle-vue Eclipse

The Belle-vue Eclipse is a luxurious sliding patio door with integrated mini blinds. This door has been designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding client who is looking for a high-quality sliding patio door. The Belle-vue Eclipse meets the highest level of resistance to forced entry in North America as well as the highest levels of performance in every sliding patio door category. Belle-vue is the perfect solution for people who would like to bring the outside scenery indoors without compromising on the security and the energy-efficiency of their door.

Features Benefits
  • Two panel configuration with one operating panel
  • Single panel access
  • Requires less clearance space than inswing hinged doors
  • Blinds built into the sealed double-glazed unit
  • Increased privacy control
  • Level the amount of light in your room
  • Aesthetic decorative design
  • Easy to maintain clean
  • Mechanism to raise/lower as well as open/close the blinds
  • Multiple blind positions to accomodate your comfort needs
  • Easy operation
  • Exclusive level 40 lock with exterior "D" handle included with every door
  • Highest level of resistance to forced entry in North America
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic handle design 
  • No paint peeling, corrosion or tarnishing
  • Exterior "D" handle for ease of operation
  • Exclusive gliding system
  • Smooth, quiet, and effortless gliding
  • Non-wearing, self-lubricating, non- corrosive rollers offer long life and eliminate blackened tracks
  • Mechanically assembled PVC panels
  • Precision corner joints provide complete excellent water and air-tightness
  • Modular assembly enables quick and less costly repairs
  • Attractive and aesthetic sash finish with hair-line joints
  • Heavy-duty, gliding screen with lock
  • Smooth and silent gliding
  • Will not skip or jump off the track
  • Screen frame assembly keeps the fiberglass screen-mesh trampoline tight
  • Combination Fly-sweeps and weatherstripping keep the bugs out
  • Interior and exterior hardware for ease of operation
  • Can be easily removed for winter storage
  • Exterior and interior PVC capping
  • >One piece integral exterior capping  blocks out 100% of external elements
  • No painting required
  • Ready for interior / exterior finishing, reducing installation time
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Protects wood frame against edge damage
  • One piece PVC Sill with integral interior capping
  • Protects wood sill core from physical and water damage
  • No painting required, ready for interior finishing reducing installation time
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Aesthetic uniform look
  • Weather protection with 100% high-fin weatherstrip and foam gaskets
  • Superior aesthetic installation with no visible caulking to collect dirt and dust
  • Closed-cell foam gasket ensure joint seal consistency
  • High fin weatherstripping combines excellent gliding with air-tightness
  • Solid, primed wood frame, 1 1/4"
  • Heavy-duty wood frame provides superior structure compared to  PVC frames
  • Wood structure facilitates quick, easy and precise installations
  • Finger-jointed wood components greatly reduce frame warping and twisting
  • Wood primer protects exposed frame against mold and rot
  • Knocked-down format (available in 5´ and 6´ widths)
  • One person can easily carry, transport, and install
  • Less warehousing  space required than fully-assembled doors
  • Assembled door format (available in 5´ and 6´ widths)
  • Factory assembled, ready to install
  • Reduced installation time
  • Available in blue white (141) and cream white (137)
  • Painted doors
  • Match your house color scheme (See your dealer for color choices)
  • Standard jamb depths (5 1/2", 6 5/8", or 7 1/4") accomodates most standard wall constructions
  • 3-side or 4-side interior frame extensions provide a solution for any wall construction
  • Ideal for custom jobs and renovations
  • Accomodates a variety of exterior trim finishings
  • Available with J -Trim and nailing flange
  • Exterior installation flexibility
  • Quick and easy air and water-tight installation
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic design
  • Painted keepers to match door jamb
  • Available in white, satin nickel, brass, oil rubbed bronze and brushed chrome
  • Enhanced security level
  • Enhanced security feature (Available in white only)
  • Ventilation option while door is locked
  • Brings more light into your home
  • Solution for taller door openings
  • Brings more light into your home
  • Accomodates wide openings
  Results Min/Max U.S.A
Draft-Free A3 A1 / A3 SGD-R45
Leak-Proof B4 B1 / B4 SGD-R55
Rigid Structure C3 C1 / C3 SGD-R45
Ease of operation E3 E1 / E3 SGD-R45
Forced entry Level 40 F1/F2 Level 40

Config Widths Heights
Available frame depths: 140 mm (5 12"), 168 mm (6 916"), and 184 mm (7 14").
OXO configuration not available for Belle-vue Prestige.
mm in. 79 12"
2019 mm
2057 mm
1505 59 14"
1784 70 14"

2286 90"
2705 106 12"
2948 116 116"
3507 138 116"

Our door is SO GOOD, we back it with comprehensive guarantees that are absolutely unprecedented in the industry. The main features of these guarantees are:

  • 10 years on parts
  • 5 years against insulated glass seal failure.
  • Please note that our guarantees are transferable.