Standard Doors Inc. has been producing high quality patio doors since 1974 and now introduces a new line of high quality hinged doors. The Sophistica collection is a series of elegant, energy efficient doors with a strong emphasis on performance and durability. Discover this thrilling new collection

Features Benefits
  • Decorative glass moulding
  • A visual pleasure – all screws are hidden from view
  • White primed pine structural frame construction PVC capped inside
  • Fine finish & very low maintenance
  • Prepared for painting
  • One piece sill
  • Ball bearing hinges
  • Smooth, long-lasting operation
  • Sidelite fixed doors are anchored with a glazing stop
  • Aesthetically appealing,easy to remove if required
  • PVC door edge cap on handle side of door with a concealed 18 inch lock block
  • Enhanced security and the ability to install longer high-end locking handles; prefinished edge provides better appearance & very low maintenance
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel door facing; factory applied prefinished white door surfaces
  • Long term painted surface & very low maintenance
  • Anodized aluminum sill with extruded pvc thermal barrier
  • Long life, energy efficient & very low maintenance
  • Unique Hybrid Astragal
  • Combines powder-coated extruded aluminum surface with PVC capped wood interior post. Long lasting heavy duty flush bolts gives you the option of opening both doors.
  • Colored Paint Finish
  • A variety of standard colors are available (see color chart) or you can have the color of your choice.
  • Finials
  • The hinge pin tips are enhanced with a variety of shapes to set the look of your hinges apart.
  • Multi-point Hardware
  • Multi-point hardware provides additional security against forced entry, comes with a variety of handle styles and finishes sure to satisfy your personal taste.
  • Black Anodized Sills
  • Add a touch of beauty and distinction to your home's entryway.
  • Exterior Frame Extension with Extended Sill
  • The frame can be extended to the exterior up to 9 1/4" to suit thicker walls.
  • Extended Sills
  • Anodized aluminum extended sills provide wider sills when required.
  • Exterior Capping
  • PVC or aluminum capping provides very low maintenance exterior frame surfaces.
  • Brick Mouldings
  • A variety of brick mouldings from wood or capped wood to all PVC or PVC with "J" trim and nail fin are available. A 1 1/2" extended sill is included with all brick mouldings.
  • Internal Grills
  • Enhance the appearance of your door with a wide variety of designs, shapes and colors.
  • Security Plates
  • Security plates provide additional resistance to forced entry.
  Canada (Min/Max) U.S.A
Draft-Free A3 (A1 / A3) SGD-R45
Leak-Proof B4 (B1 / B4) SGD-R55
Rigid Structure DP 75 SGD-R45
Ease of operation C3 (C1 / C3) SGD-R45
Forced entry Level 20 Level 20

Sophistica doors use fine materials and are constructed to the highest standards in order to give you years of satisfaction with this top performing product. The guarantees are a statement of the confidence you will have when investing in this fine product:

  • 20 years on PVC capping
  • 20 years on the door finish
  • 15 years against warping more than 1/4"
  • Sealed units, please refer to the decorative doorlite manufacturers brochure
  • Guarantees are transferable