Home comfort

Quality patio doors can dramatically affect your general home comfort. When you think "comfort," you probably picture a nice, big armchair or maybe even a warm blanket.

While these things certainly influence how comfortable you feel at home, the most important factors when selecting your patio door are ensuring it will provide a healthy environment, controlling room temperature and humidity levels, and continued convenience. No matter where your patio door is situated, you should be able to sit next to it in the dead of winter, or in the heat of summer and feel comfortable.

Our combination Low-E glass with Argon gas, smooth and silent roller system, and efficiently weather-sealed components - all contribute to your overall home comfort.

What to consider when choosing a sliding patio door
Comfortable Temperature All
Year Round

Ensuring Draft-Free Comfort

Gain UV Protection
with Low-E glass

Smooth Gliding and
Silent Operation
(Durability and Ease of Use)

Prevent Mold and Decay